Dolmen Walk

Map: here

Distance: 2.5km
Difficulty: easy
Terrain: on quiet roads and pavements
Time: 1 hour

DIRECTIONS: Starting at Fenagh Visitor Centre, continue to Fenagh village and go up the hill on the Ballinamore Road.  Take first left signposted Lough Reane and walk for approx 200 yards – on your left the Dolmen and its ivy roof can be seen in the distance.  The Dolmen is not accessible at present.  If you continue along this road Lough Reane will come into view more clearly.

Interesting Facts: The Dolmen is the burial place of Conall Gulban who was a great ancestor of the O’Donnells and brother of Eoghan, ancestor of the O’Neill. Conal was killed while trying to defend his clan against Masradians who were plundering the area and killing the Inhabitants. The story of Lough Reane  is that circa the year 400 Conaing ll Beag Eaglach (Conaig the Fearless) then high King of Ireland came to live in Fenagh.   However Conaig would only stay 15 years at Fenagh as a great tragedy struck his family. One day his son Cobhthach, with his nurse, went bathing in the Lake. Cobhthach got into difficulties and sadly despite the best efforts of Rian to save him, both were drowned. This particular lake at Fenagh is named Loch Reane after the noble and courageous Nurse Rian.

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