Abbey Walk

Fenagh Abbey at sunset.

Map: here

A short walk through Fenagh Village to take in the beauty of the New Abbey and St Catherine’s Church and grounds.

Distance: 1.75km
Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: On pavements/ roads/ paths
Time: 20 minutes

Directions: Starting at Fenagh Visitor Centre, cross the road and walk on the pavement heading East. Turn right at the junction (heading towards Mohill). The Abbeys and Church of Ireland are on the left hand side.  There is no public access to the lower abbey, and the terrain is not suitable for safe walking.  The larger Abbey is accessible through the main graveyard gate. A key to the inner Abbey is held in Fenagh Visitor Centre. The Church of Ireland is accessible by its main gateway too. If you would like to look inside the Church, borrow the key from the Visitor Centre.

Interesting Facts: Two church ruins stand on the site of an earlier monastery founded by St. Caillin in the 6th century. The main ruins of the Abbey have an east-facing window of unusual design. Gaelic kings are said to be buried in the graveyard. The present day abbey ruins date from the fifteenth century.

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