Fenagh Graveyards Research Project

Carried out in Summer 2011

Fenagh Developement researched  all the graveyards in Fenagh identifing the graves number, layout on map,  inscriptions of headstones and a picture of the headstones. The Following is all the graveyards in Fenagh;

  • Old Fenagh Abbey Graveyard
  • New Fenagh Abbey Graveyard
  • Church of Ireland Graveyard
  • Foxfield Church Graves

A hardcopy of all this research is on display in Fenagh Visitor Centre.

Each graveyard is displayed on our website, broken down into each graveyard. It displays each graves number, inscription on the headstone and year of death.

Not all graves could be found or inscriptions read due to the ageing of the graves and headstones.

You can call into the Centre for more information on all graves or email for anymore help.

Fenagh Development company are keen to update our maps and graveyard records, and to create this for the new graveyard near St. Mary’s Church in Foxfield. If you would like to be involved in this project, please contact us:

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